Term and Condition

Terms & Condition

Once you have registered for a Courteous Courier account, it will be assumed that you have already read and accepted our terms and conditions. We kindly encourage customers to review our policies, at intervals, in order to remain up to date with any possible changes.

After creating an account with us, each customer will be given a US or other mailing address along with a unique mailbox code to which packages can be sent at any time. When making a purchase, the complete mailing address has to be entered in order to prevent packages from being delivered to the wrong person. An incorrect mailing address may also attract a fee to have it modified to the correct address.

With CTC, packages are transported twice per week from our Florida warehouse to Jamaica. We advise that customers upload their invoices and/ or create a pre-alert packages within a timely manner. Depending on the time that your package(s) reach Jamaica and clear customs, we usually do deliveries on the same day or within 3 business days. We encourage customers to ensure that their items are properly packaged in order to prevent damage. CTC will not assume responsibility for items that may become damaged outside of our care such as when clearing customs or packages that may have arrived damaged from the company that you purchase from online. We will only assume liability for packages that may become damaged or missing while in our possession.

Once in Jamaica, packages are weighed and priced. CTC prices packages according to their weight and/or the cost of the items inside the package. We provide a rate sheet and a rate calculator on our website so that customers may obtain an estimate of the cost of their package(s) beforehand. At Courteous Courier, we treat our customers as a part of our family by providing the lowest possible rates, exceptional customer service in addition to special promotions for frequent users.